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Biodigester and Biodigesters
What is a biodigester ? - - A biodigester is a machine used for the production of biogas, a mixture of gases created by methanogenic bacteria digesting organic matter in an anaerobic condition. A biodigester is often also referred to as a biogas chamber, a biogas plant or an anaerobic reactor. Biogas is used as a substitute for natural gas and propane in a range of situations from cooking, heating, and lighting, to electricity generation, and vehicle fuel. Biodigesters also produce an effluent slurry that is used as a fertilizer in a range of agricultural applications. Biodigesters are used in many countries to process animal and certain plant agricultural waste. They can also be used as a sanitation system for the processing of human waste.
Biodigester Construction - Methods for building biodigesters are numerous. The fundamental principle is that the biodigestor is airtight and watertight. Types of Biodigesters include: Floating Drum Digesters, Fixed Dome Digesters, Deenbandhu Digesters, Bag Digesters and Plug Flow Digesters.
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