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Bio Fertilizer is a 100% natural and organic fertilizer that helps to provide and keep in the soil all the nutrients and microorganisms required for the benefits of the plants.
The Biology of Microorganisms - Learn about the scientific basis. Introducing the basics of the science of Biology of Microorganisms and its applications, as fertilizers or composting for example. ASIN/0130167630
In Enriching the Earth and the Transformation of World Food Production, discussion the use of nitrogen''s unique status in the biosphere, its role in crop production, and traditional means of supplying the nutrient trought fertilizers. He releases a discovery to scientists had sought for over one hundred years and examines the emergence of the large-scale nitrogen fertilizer industry and analyzes the extent of global dependence on process and its biospheric consequences.

The Haber process is arguably the most significant development of the 20th century, yet it remains virtually unknown to the general public. There are a few chapters on the history and chemistry of this vital process, and they are reasonably well written. 026219449X

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