Composter  - Compost Bin, Pile, meaning, definition
What is a Composter? Definition and Meaning. The Composter breaks down any organic matter such as dead plants farm yard waste, cattle waste etc. thereby increasing the soil productivity.
Making Compost - A Simple Summary
Build or Buy a rodent-resistant bin.
Locate the bin on well-drained, level soil.
Use coarse organic material such as straw or prunings on the bottom few inches.
Chop material into smallish pieces.
Add green nitrogen-rich material (moist) and brown carbon-rich material (dry).
Dig food waste in the centre and cover.
Aerate the material once a week.
As a composter, you can put as much effort as you like into your composting system, but at its heart composting is really a very simple process that needs only minimal maintenance. Once you understand the basics, you will need to choose a bin system and build or purchase it (of course, binless compost piles can work just fine as well). With an understanding of the fundamentals, a spot set up for composting, and a few ingredients, you'll be ready to build a compost pile.
Tricho-Card: - Trichogramma is an efficient destroyer of eggs of many leaf and flower eaters, stems, fruit, shoot borers etc. It can be used in a variety of crops as well as in horticultural and ornamental plants, such as sugarcane, cotton, brinjal, tomato, corn, jawar, vegetables, citrus, paddy apple etc.
The systems and instructions are intended to be a guide. They may be followed more closely at the beginning and less closely as you learn and do more composting yourself. It's important to always remember that composting happens - that it will just take longer without management.
Kinds of Biofertilizers
Phospho: - It releases insoluble phosphorus in soil and fix this phosphorus in clay minerals which is of great significance in agriculture.
Rhizo: - Rhizo Bacterial plays a very important role in agriculture by inducing nitrogen fixings nodules on the root of legumes such as peas,beans clove and alfalfa.
Azotobactor or Azotobacter : - Atmosphere contains 78% nitrogen which is a very important nutrient for plant growth. Azotobactor fixes the atmospheric nitrogen in the soil and make it available to the plants. It protects the roots from other pathogens present in the soil
Trichoderma: - It is a non- pathogenic and eco-friendly product. The product is antagonistic hyper parasitic against different pathogens in the field and economically well established biocontrol agent
Composter: - (Decomposing Culture): Composter breaks down any organic matter such as dead plants farm yard waste, cattle waste etc. thereby increasing the soil productivity.
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