Peat Moss

Peat Moss Bio Fertilizer, Organic and Natural Products
Peat Moss BioFertilizer, Organic and natural products and fertilizers
Organic Peat Moss Fertilizer
The Peat Moss, is a premium natural fertilizer composed just with certified organic ingredients special fo nutient-poor soils. This organic fertilizers is unequaled in its ability to nourish the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil greatly increasing the soil’s humus content and improving its ability to sustain and nurture healthy, more colorful plants.
Use by the handful when planting individual plants, broadcast and mix it deeply into the soil when planting flower beds or spread it around established plants and scratch it into the soil. It is also excellent for use in vegetable gardens, container plantings and as a compost-pile activator
The Peat moss is a plant that could lives well in an enviroment poor in oxigen but when dies, it's descomposition could takes thousands of years. That property, give them special properties to the cells, making them much bigger and it that helps to KEEPS the water and nutrients that could be applied later to the plants.
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